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Kaufman Hall: IVHD Says Report Doesn’t Live Up to Billing

From the Calexico Chronicle, 3/19/24:

The long-awaited Kaufman Hall report was presented at a special meeting of the Imperial Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors last week but was overall deemed inadequate after an anticlimactic summary left everyone — directors, healthcare officials and members of the public — with more questions than answers. 

The IVHD has been trying to work toward compliance of a new unified healthcare district per legislation drafted by Assembly member Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella). Assembly Bill 918 provides an attempt to salvage the healthcare systems in the Imperial Valley and is proving to be a challenge at every turn, and the presentation of the Kaufman Hall report on Thursday, March 14, was no different.

The IVHD’s next steps per the AB 918 timeline was to review the financial feasibility study provided by Kaufman Hall, financial analyst in effort to start making the difficult decisions on how a new healthcare district for the region will be best funded. 

But the data in the Kaufman Hall presentation was a year old, which the board decided was too dated to be relevant, and IVHD representative Laura Goodsell summed it up when she said, “I feel like we’re kind of going over the same thing we did last time, where we have a study that is inadequate for what’s necessary at this point in time.

“I get a little impatient because time is valuable and we don’t have a lot of it,” Goodsell said, “but as far as moving forward, we need current, valuable, stable data.” 

Click here to read the full article by reporter Kimber Dial.

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