Imperial Valley healthcare is in crisis.
We need better options.

Your healthcare at risk

In 2024, a new law will combine the three current Imperial County healthcare districts into one. Before the year is out, an appointed board must figure out how much money it will take to run it, negotiate a merger plan that doesn’t drop the ball for existing patients, and hope that the voters approve some way to fund it. If it’s not done correctly, it could make getting care harder for everyone—particularly Imperial’s most vulnerable.

How we got here

Small hospitals and healthcare districts are struggling everywhere. El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) is currently tens of millions of dollars in debt and closed its maternity and pediatric departments to stay afloat. Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District (HMHD) declared bankruptcy 25 years ago and provides no direct care services. Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District (PMHD) has funding via a property tax, but has staffing issues and faces expensive facility updates.

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A rushed “solution” that creates more problems

Although the California legislature acted quickly to help, the law they passed (AB 918) is critically flawed. Yet laws are amended every day. If enough people speak up, it can be changed.

Among the many problems:

  • Sets deadlines to combine hospital districts without any idea of the work that requires
  • Gives voters one shot at approving a way to fund it
  • Dissolves the one district that does have a sustainable funding source

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